Canada Loves Immigrants and Immigrants love Canada

A healthy partnership is always a two-way street. Just like the partnership that the Canadian government has been fostering with migrants across the world. The latest changes in Canadian Immigration seem to whole heartedly re-enforce this idea. And this has been the trend for the past several years.

Meaning that every time there is a change in Canadian Immigration policy, it brings good news for both the Canadian people, and the future Canadian people from different parts of the world.

And on the other end of the partnership, skilled migrants from different parts of the world like India are eager to grab their opportunities in life. As a result, there remains a steady rise in immigration levels to Canada, both at the provincial as well as the federal level.

The Government of Canada has set itself a target of 330,800 new entrants to Canada for the year 2019. The latest changes in Canadian Immigration are undoubtedly a great start to living up to that promise. Let’s have a look at some of the steps that the Canadian government has taken in 2018 to make the nation more immigration-friendly.

Ontario Seeks Additional Provincial Nominee Program Allocation

Canada’s most highly populated province is looking out for an increase in the number of immigrants that it will be allowed to nominate for permanent residence next year through Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The Province of Manitoba Also Feels Immigration’s Benefits

The Manitoba government recently credited the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for the province’s impressive population growth, which it reports was the fastest among Canadian provinces in the last three years and set a record for new entrants in 2016.

Meanwhile, the migrants coming into Canada are feeling the social benefits like never before.

Canada’s unemployment rate reached a record low in November 2018. Nearly 19 million people were employed in Canada in November, an increase of 0.5 per cent over the previous month. This in combination with end of year statistics seeing a sharp rise in employment in 6 different provinces, including Alberta and Quebec.

The modern world depends on creating synergies. Canada’s plans to work together with individuals from different nations to create a more prosperous world are evidenced by its lucrative and welcoming immigration policies.

The SmartMove2Canada Partnership

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