Canada is one of the best developed nations to migrate to. It offers working professionals and students a wide range of employment opportunities to choose from. A large number of Indian immigrants to Canada, particularly from Delhi, are employed in the IT sector. The highest number of available jobs in Canada is in the Software, Finance, Sales and Marketing sector, etc. The pay is high and so is the standard of living. It would be right to say that those professionals who migrate to Canada enjoy a better lifestyle and standard of living than they would in their native countries.

Canada is one of the most lucrative international destinations for immigration. It offers applicants a wide variety of opportunities in terms of occupation as well as a high standard of living. That is why several hundreds of thousands of applicants make their immigration bid each year for Canada migration. While the Canada Migration is simple enough, there are many aspects only experts would know.

The recently established Canadian Express Entry system offers people from all over the world, including Indians, to migrate to Canada as permanent residents and become part of the country. They have established a simple yet efficient method by which only the most promising candidates are selected for Canada migration.

Cost of living in Canada

Many expatriates find that the cost of living in Canada is much lower than that in their home country. The housing costs are much cheaper when compared with other countries and people who relocate to Canada looking to purchase property will find that they can get more for their money here. Mercer’s 2011 survey of expatriate living costs Toronto (59) overtook Vancouver (65) to become the most expensive Canadian city in the ranking, followed by Montreal (79) and Calgary (96). Ranking 114, Ottawa is the least expensive city in Canada.


The main languages spoken are the official languages of Canada, English (59%) and French (23%) with the remaining 18% consisting of other languages.

Average House price in Toronto and Ottawa

Toronto Ottawa
Month 2016 2017 2018 2016 2017 2018
January $631,092 $706,700* $743,200 $356,712 $345,400* $370,100
February $675,278 $728,300* $751,700 $355,636 $346,600 $373,200
March $688,181 $916,567 $370.828 $388,400
April $739,082 $920,791 $382,837* $409,838
May $751,908 $863,910 $382,158 $406,092
June $746,546 $793,915 $381,502* $410,032
July $709,825 $746,218 $371,503* $391,119
August $661,100* $755,400 $345,000* $365,200
September $669,000* $750,800 $346,100* $367,500
October $681,500* $747,800 $346,600* $369,200
November $687,000* $744,700 $346,300* $369,400
December $730,472 $743,500 $388,411 $369,400


Below are the top 10 country wise population as on 2017 for Canada Migration. Note that the below numbers are the figures for foreigners living in Canada NOT as a Canadian citizen. It is estimated that roughly 468, 670 people in Canada are of Punjabi descent.

Philippines 188,805
India 147,190
China 129,020
Iran 42,070
Pakistan 41,480
United States of America 33,060
Syria 29,945
United Kingdom 24,445
France 24,155
South Korea 21,710

As can be seen, by the above immigrant statistics of Canada, everyone from the world is welcome in Canada. It is no surprise that Canadians are known to be some of the most polite people in the world.

Whatever the reasons, individuals from across the world seem to be attracted to Canada. Maybe you should look into the matter more to see what everyone is so mesmerized by! When you do your research and come to the conclusion that you want to move to Canada, we will be waiting to help you.

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