Due to the disproportion in skills requirement and skills availability, a workforce that is on the higher end of the age spectrum and other factors, Canada is heading in the direction of a major shortage of skilled labor over the next 5 years.

The nation requires a total of 1,82,000 employees to fill out positions in the IT Sector or ICT as it is known (Information Communications and Technology) by the year 2019. This information is in accordance with the Labor Market Report released earlier this month on IT jobs in Canada.

This indicates a strong prospect for jobs in Canada for immigrants in the times to come.

At this moment, there are around 811,200 ICT skilled professionals currently in employment (in Canada), but provinces across the country will require many more by the end of next year; 182,000 to be precise.

The report was based on a study that was financed by the Sectoral Initiatives Program of the Government of Canada. It was prepared by experts from the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), a national labor market intelligence organization, that is funded by the Canadian Government.

According to the report, “The latest innovations in ICTs – in particular, the internet of things (IOT) as well as social, mobile, analytics, apps and cloud (SMAAC) – have become drivers of innovation, productivity, and growth…It is projected that the availability of homegrown ICT talent will not be sufficient to meet these hiring requirements.”

As of today, employers still have trouble recruiting candidates with the right combination of technical skills along with business acumen. “Unless adequately addressed, this will cause particular strife to Canada’s prosperity, as growth in Canada’s workers’ productivity levels has fallen notably since 2001,” the report says.

The researchers also say that “employment growth- combined with replacement demands due to skills mismatch, retirements, and other exits, demand-supply imbalances will affect some occupations more than others.”

The occupations that are high in demand as expressed by the labor market report are:

  • Software Engineers
  • IT managers, analysts, and consultants
  • Software programmers and interactive media developers
  • Software Engineers
  • Database analysts and data administrators
  • Graphic designers and graphic illustrators

Canada is a nation that offers a beautiful life to any and all.

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