In part 2 of our “all you need to know about the Canada Investor Visa” series, we bring you the Canada investor visa requirements along with the benefits of opting for the Canada Investor Program.

The table below summarizes the eligibility criteria according to the Canada Investor Visa requirements for the Federal Immigrant Investor Program.

CriteriaCanada Investor Visa Requirements
Intended destinationAnywhere in Canada, except Quebec.
Minimum net worthCAD $1.6 million, legally obtained.
Business and/or
Management Experience
Management and ownership of a qualifying business, as defined under the Regulations OR Management of 5 employees in a business.
InvestmentCAD $800,000 for 5 years, Government guaranteed 0% interest. Financing is available from Canadian banks.*
MiscellaneousMedical examination and security background check

Benefits of Applying for the Canada Investor Program

After receiving the Investor Visa, the foreign national can apply for Canadian citizenship once three years have passed, provided that the national physically resided in the country for at least two years in that span of three years. The additional requirements for citizenship are written, reading, listening, and speaking proficiency in the English or French language, passing a citizenship examination that tests the applicant’s knowledge of the country, its constitution, way of life, culture, and its government, as well as a clean criminal record that includes no immigration or civil violations.

Once the application is approved, the foreign national officially become a Canadian citizen. It is important to note that Canada recognizes dual citizenship which allows the foreign national to retain his/her former nationality, but there many tax consequences to doing so.

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