If you reside in Canada legally, either through a PR or citizenship, you are allowed to bring your spouse to live with you should you apply to sponsor spouse in Canada. Applicants of the Canada Express Entry program often tend to wonder if they may bring dependents to Canada to live with them after they have become permanent residents of Canada. It is a reasonable concern to have and the good news is that yes you can. Today we are going to discuss how a permanent resident of Canada can apply to bring their dependent spouse from another country to live with them in Canada.

How to apply for sponsor spouse in Canada – 2020

Find out who can apply to become a sponsor with rigorous detail by consulting a professional legal immigration expert, or an immigration lawyer.

For a basic guide to help you with the application steps, send in an email to [email protected] with the subject line “sponsor help”. Our associates will reply back to you with a guide with the following information:

  • how to prepare and submit your application
  • what to expect after you submit your application

Are you helping your spouse, partner for Canada visa application?

If you are attempting to:

  • prepare your family member’s application for them
  • check on their application status

You have to request permission and provide the right forms with the application. If you are preparing your family member’s application, then it means you are acting as their representative.

Find out how to act as a representative or access your family member’s information by inquiring in the form below.

If you are sponsoring your spouse or Common law partner in-Canada Class, then your spouse/partner would be eligible for an open work permit, allowing them to work anywhere in Canada without any restrictions. Find out more on the Canadian government’s guide on Common Law Partner in-Canada Class.

Link your application to your online account

When the Canadian government starts processing your application, you will receive a letter with your application number.
After you get this letter, you or your representative, have an option to link the application to an online account. This way, you can communicate with the relevant authorities quickly and securely and get updates and messages about your application online.

If you have an authorized paid representative, they need to link your application to their account.

Send in the additional documents needed

The IRCC will tell you exactly which documents you need to send them, such as your medical exam receipts.

You’ll get this information by mail, email or through your online account.

Track or update your application

During processing, track your application and make sure it’s up to date by:

  • checking the status of your application
  • updating your address or other information, if necessary
  • adding or changing your representative, if necessary
  • withdrawing your application, if desired

Prepare for arrival in Canada

While you’re still overseas, find pre-arrival services to help plan your life in Canada.

To prepare for arrival at the Canadian port of entry:

  • Look up what documents you’ll need to show border officers
  • Learn what information you’ll have to provide

Smart Assistance for Smart Immigration

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To know more about the Canada Express Entry PR program and how to apply to sponsor spouse in Canada, stay tuned with our blog for all the latest immigration rules updates by the Canadian government and results of the biweekly Express Entry Draws.

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