Every workplace has its own culture. While working in Canada, employment expectations sometimes vary widely from those of many other countries and culture. The employers have a higher but a fair standard for their employees. Here are few top ten qualities which are valued in the Canadian workplace and employees should ideally inculcate these.

Be Good

Canadian workplace culture expects you to be good at what you are doing. You should always show your willingness to learn, to perform and to live up to or exceed expectations in your role.

Good Listener And Communicator

They expect you to be a good listener, be good at communicating and someone who can socialize well with others; they also expect you to know how to work with colleagues, co-workers and supervisors and to understand a range of cross cultural differences in the work place. Listening is positive, but also adding your own ideas and thoughts shows that you want to contribute.


It is important to show respect when you are trying to be professional, it also helps you in the long term, as respect will be returned to you.


Be focused at work. Try not to mess with your workday with personal matters. There are exceptions, but privacy is easy to maintain.


Be reliable. Make sure people can rely on you to get the job done right the first time.


Have a smile on your face. Be a positive member of the team with whom others enjoy working with.


You should always try to build and maintain the trust with others. The one way to do this is by keeping your commitments to others.


While working in Canada, employer anticipates you to be supportive and helpful to your colleagues. Try to volunteer information that may help others in the team. As this additionally encourages you to build a good relationship along with your colleagues.


They always expect you to get better in your work. They expect you to work hard and to take initiative to learn new skills which plays an important role in your job.


Show and maintain your integrity in all circumstances and situations. When working in Canada or infact in any country, show that you are honest, loyal and that you have principles and values that align with the organization.

You will be able to make a great impression and a lasting relationship and association with your colleagues and employer which will hone you and help you to set yourself up for advancement opportunities. Follow the above as it is worth and all your efforts will not go unnoticed.

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