The draws of the Canada Express Entry 2018 reinforces the Canadian government’s recent plans to take in more than 1 million immigrants by the end of the next 3 years. The last draw of 2018 saw an even bigger drop in the CRS score required to be invited to settle in Canada.

So if you want to live and work in Canada, the opportunities don’t get much better than now. Canada has opened the doors for the people who dreamt till now and this has now become the reality by the Govt. plans which has announced recently about accepting more than a Million Immigrants in the next three years.

In his 2018 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration, the country’s immigration minister Ahmed Hussen revealed plans to admit as many as 1,080,000 new permanent residents between 2019 and 2021, with the upper target for 2021 being 370,000.

This will be equal to 84,000 more people than the 286,000 that were welcomed as permanent residents in 2017.

Introducing the report, Hussen, who originally came to Canada as a Somali refugee, said: “Immigrants and their descendants have made immeasurable contributions to Canada, and our future success depends on continuing to ensure they are welcomed and well-integrated.”

According to the report, one in five people living in Canada were born outside the country, while more than six million new immigrants have arrived since 1990.

Ageing population

Immigration is seen as key to helping strengthen the Canadian economy. Our director at Smart Move Immigration had rightly pointed out that Canada loves migrants and migrants love Canada.

With the average immigrant being young, it can help to tackle the challenges of an ageing population. The report says the worker-to-retiree ratio is predicted to reach 2:1 by 2036, compared to 4.2:1 in 2012.

Just under half (48%) of the highest target of admissions for 2021 will come under Economic Programs – to fill skills gaps in the labour market.
“With an ageing population and low fertility rates, immigration plays an important role in ensuring that Canada’s population and labour force continue to grow.

More than half the immigrants admitted in 2017 came under Economic Class programmes, while 44,000 were resettled refugees, protected persons and people admitted under humanitarian, compassionate and public policy considerations.
The 2019–2021 Immigration Levels Plan includes greater targets for the number of refugees and displaced people the country will admit, ranging from 43,000 as a low target in 2019, to 64,500 in 2021.

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