Canada Immigration Best decision

Canadians enjoy some of the highest standards of living in the world and rank in the top ten for the world’s happiest country.

Qualified professionals from the field of Human resources, Engineering, Supply chain Management, Dentist, Accounts and Finance, Hotel Management, Social Community and Correctional Services, etc. are choosing to migrate to Canada to explore new opportunities. It doesn’t make matter if you are self-employed, freelancer, entrepreneur or in employment.

So if you are

  • below the age of 46 years,
  • have a minimum one year of continuous experience,
  • good language skills (proved through language test),
  • comparable education (assessed through agencies approved by Canadian Government)

you are eligible to apply.

What do you need to know about working in Canada?

Minimum Wage

All workers in Canada are assured of a minimum wage rate [set by the Canadian government] this ensures an assured minimum quality of life.

Social Security

Social security from Government is one of the most important benefits of migrating to Canada. By getting Social Security Number you can access Government program and benefits. To apply for social security number you can visit here.

Job roles in demand in Canada

Skilled professional and workers can always take advantage of the ample job openings in Canada. There are ample job opportunities for highly qualified workers in the service sector, manufacturing and natural resources, IT and Healthcare.

Free Education for children

Canada PR holders are entitled to get free education for their children up to the age of 18 in public schools. And when it comes to University Education tuition fees are considerably less for children of Canada PR holder.

Equal status as a Canadian Citizen

Canada PR holders enjoy the same rights and have the same duties like Canada citizens(except voting rights)

Preference in the job market

employers in Canada prefer to higher migrants with Canada PR rather than having to apply for work permits for the potential employees.

Canada Pension Plan

Every individual who work inside Canada is eligible to contribute towards and receive benefits from the Canadian Pension Plan.

Less density of population

Canada has one of lowest density of population per square kilometre [4 people per square kilometre] – to put it in perspective India has 460 people per square kilometre.

Safe and Multicultural country

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world and enjoys a diverse and multicultural heritage.

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