Investing in a country on an investor visa is a great bet for any high net worth individual to create a foothold in all the relevant countries of the world. The Canada Investor Visa program provides one such opportunity to effectively utilize your hard earned money by investing in a land of economic harmony.

But what defines a country in economic harmony? Is it just the growth of the industries there? Not quite. It encompasses every aspect of the nation. And on this occasion of UNESCO’s World Heritage Day, why don’t we consider what Canada has to offer besides a robust business environment, namely, an incredibly efficient system of maintaining all the heritage sites of their country.

A nation’s heritage sites define the history of the entire people. Therefore, how well it takes care of these sites, says a lot of the country, and a lot about whether you should be taking your chances with a Canada Investor Visa. Canada has an organization called Engaging Canadians with the sole purpose of preservation of the parks (both heritage sites and otherwise) of the country.

A number of details in the Engaging Canadians strategy help to link the communications model with the strategic actions, helping to ensure consistent and coordinated actions.

These include the Parks Canada core positioning statement, the Parks Canada Charter and the Parks Canada Message Toolkit, clarifying the responsibilities of the agency and helping employees throughout the organization to represent it in a consistent, integrated and holistic way.

Additionally, the strategy itself details a thought process that takes one from the basic communications model through to the various actions taken on the ground.

  1. Definition of a target audience and defining the primary and secondary priority segments: it should be noted that a number of target audiences have been defined for Parks Canada.
  2. Definition of desired outcomes of communications: this is where the language from the “31”s model appears. However, it is not the words inform, influence, involve (those are our inputs), but rather the outcomes of informing, influence and involving-namely awareness, knowledge and understanding, supporting, and participating. The outcomes are attached to the various target audiences.
  3. Areas for improvement: based upon the gap analysis-what is currently working well, where do we need to concentrate efforts to achieve results?
  4. Communications activities: broken down by foundation elements( must do) and innovation elements ( where new opportunities exist)
  5. Accountability: where responsibility within the organization will rest to undertake the communications, recognizing, geographic and organizational realities.

The meticulous manner in which such details are taken care of in Canada inspired numerous people from across the world to choose Canada as their option for a second citizenship by investment. A Canada Investment Visa is the ideal pathway for any individual with the resources and ambition to be a part of the thriving Canadian economy.

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