To apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa, the first step is to assess the profile and check eligibility based on criteria including Age, Education, Experience, IELTS score, – it’s also useful to see how the previous draws have fared.

‘If I score 67 points then I will get Canada PR’ – this is one of the most popular myths

In order to be Eligible for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa/card, the Govt. of Canada has assigned certain points based on the Factors and among all the factors to work experience factor is a major one which can cause you in trouble.

Each and every work experience has certain NOC code and choosing a right NOC requires proper guidance and Experience. Without that, it is highly difficult to proceed further. If you choose the wrong NOC then this will lead you to refusals.

Which work experience to consider and which one not to consider is also an important step in doing the assessment of Canada PR.

Our initial assessment is completely free and includes a thorough Eligibility check giving you all the relevant information specific to your case. We do not have any hidden charges or follow up charges to get your complete report.

At Smartmove2Canada our Canada PR experts deal with a variety of cases, here we profile a few of them:

Case Scenario 1: An Applicant says is working as a Software Engineer and at the same time he is a full-time student, Can this be considered?

The application will be considered in certain cases, but there is a way to deal with it. In order to understand how to go about the application, it’s advisable to receive guidance from professional immigration consultants.

Case Scenario 2: An Applicant is married and having a kid, He applied for US visit visa before and got refused due to certain reason, and the marital status shown there as married. He then applied for Canada PR however he filed his Application as Single through the other firm which is a very well known. What would be the Impact on the profile if he applies? Will he be banned or refused or accepted by the CIC officer?

If he applies as a single applicant, the chances of refusal or ban are high. There is a specific way we to handle such cases.

Case Scenario 3: An Applicant has done 10th, 12thand Bachelors in Distance mode and he has experience from 12th as a Full time. Can this be considered?

Yes, it can be considered as long as the occupation code is a relevant one based on his work experience.

Case Scenario 4: An Applicant has a Ranking score of 440 and he filed his application as a Single Applicant. However, the Draw happened at a score of 435. He got married after receiving an ITA wanted to file the existing application with his Spouse. Can he apply?

The score which appears after the marital status changes depends upon the nature of the case. We would need to work on the application based on the specific circumstances of the case.

Case Scenario 5: An Applicant has got Study visa refusals 4 times and he has applied for the Canada PR and received an ITA, Can he apply and what are his chances in receiving a PR visa.

Yes, he can apply. However, there should be relevant explanations and documents pertaining to the refusals. Take help from professional immigration lawyers in order to frame your explanations in the most coherent way.

Case Scenario 6: An Applicant’s age is 43 or more than 43 and he is meeting the Eligibility points of 67. Now the question is whether he is really eligible for the Canada PR?

Though he is eligible for a Canada pr, we would recommend his spouse to be the primary applicant so that the chances would be higher. In these types of scenarios, we consider the spouse as the main applicant.

The above case scenarios illustrate that the Canada PR applications, though systematic, may not always be clear to a person without experience in such matters. If you are making decisions that are going to affect the course of your life, it’s best to consult professionals for help. Contact The SmartMove2Canada for complete guidance for your Canada Permanent Resident application process.

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