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The secret to a Canada PR revealed in an interactive talk on the Express Entry Program for Canada Permanent Residency.

There’s nothing worse than spending 12 hours a day working, and then commute for another 2 hours, only to find your way back inside a crammed rented city apartment, which is both overpriced and under maintained.

What’s worse is the weekend that you look forward to, comes and goes before you even realize what happened because you spent most of your Saturday catching up with left over work from the week, and most of your Sunday asleep. There goes your ambition of working out this weekend.

The worst part of this situation is that there seems to be no way to get out of the rut. The only way to get out of this cycle of monotony seems to be just pack your bags and leave the country.

And that could very well be the path you must take.

The world is bigger than you have imagined. Sometimes the solution to life’s circumstances is to expand your line of sight, and look beyond your immediate horizons. There are nations like Canada which have everything that a young person in India would require; an opportunity to live and work in a place where you would not be consumed by competition, corruption and confusion. To make things even more lucrative, the Canadian government has an entirely objective system of immigration allowing migrants to apply for a Permanent Residence to Canada through a system known as the Express Entry Program. This program has various aspects to it, including variations for applying for a specific province in Canada under the provincial nomination program. The system is so made that any individual from anywhere in the world with proper qualification can have the opportunity to move to Canada, and live and work legally.

SmartMove Immigration specializes in helping individuals as well as organizations move their foothold to a different country. We do so with a combination of legal expertise, research, and step by step handholding of our clients through their entire immigration application procedure; be it a temporary visa, or a permanent settlement process like the Canada PR.

Through our decade long experience in the world of legal immigration, we have been honoured with several prestigious awards and accreditations; the winner of the IAE Corporate Immigration law award in 2016 and the recognition of being a Corporate Immigration law firm by Who’s Who Legal, to name just a few.

Everything you need to know about the Canada PR process

The Migration to Canada option is an option many have considered in the past. But being such a big decision, many aspirants have failed to move ahead of the initial thought.

It is to help those of you who have considered moving to Canada in the past but have failed to do so simply because you thought there were too many things to think about, that our associates at SmartMove Immigration, a legal immigration consultancy firm based out of Mumbai that has helped more than 2000 people migrate legally from India in more than 12 years of experience, are conducting an Immigration roadshow event.

Our Canada Immigration experts will be conducting comprehensive seminars about the entire Canada Express Entry PR process and how you wouldn’t have to miss a beat from your daily life while applying for your Canada PR, should you do it the right way.

The process is straightforward but it is easy to make the mistake of not maximizing your chances by correctly evidencing and framing your profile.

All you need to know about moving to Canada, including what you can expect with a life in Canada; world class education, public health care, and so much more.

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Canada Express Entry - Live & Work in Canada with your Family

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Hope you and your loved ones are safe during these times of Corona Virus.

During the current crisis it is easy to overlook the long term objectives – understand your eligibility and make plans in this time.

This unique interactive event will discuss:

  • Top reasons to choose Canada for settlement
  • How Express entry system works
  • Ways to increase your CRS Scores
  • Various pathways for Canadian Permanent residency visa
  • Pointers to be taken care while applying for Canada PR

Our services include:-

  • Free eligibility evaluation
  • Consultation to provide the insights about the PR process and merits of the applicant.
  • Eligibility report issued
  • Registration for Canada PR Process
  • Providing Job Search assistance post completing the PR application

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