A Canada PR Visa enables a person from a different country to reside, work and study in Canada permanently. A person in Canada temporarily is not a Permanent Resident (PR).

Canada PR Visa is one of the types of visa which is valid for a period of 5 years. An Applicant will be able to apply for a Citizenship upon completion of 3 years out of 5 years where he has to be physically present.

After he gets the Citizenship his previous country passport will be revoked and he will be given a Canadian passport.

There are some major benefits of Canada PR visa and they are

  1. As soon as an applicant makes his 1st entry to Canada he will be getting Social Insurance Number and with that, an applicant can work anywhere legally.
  2. An employer doesn’t have to spend extra money on an Applicant in regards to work permit since he already has a Canada PR visa and he will be readily available to join immediately to start the work.
  3. If an applicant loses his job he will be getting Unemployment benefits until he finds a new one.
  4. Free Education for a child till 12th standard
  5. Free Medical benefits for the entire family.

In order to get a Canada PR visa one has to undergo few criteria’s and they are as follows

  1. An applicant should be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program and receive an ITA based upon the ranking system.
  2. After receiving an ITA from Canada an applicant will then have 90 days of time to submit his profile and get a Canada PR Visa.
  3. There is also an additional expense which is incurred based on the size of the family.
  4. An Applicant has to pay the below fee if he gets an Invitation to Apply for Canada and the fee for the Canada PR Visa and Resident permanent fee is shown below based on the marital status.
Single550 CAD-Canada PR Visa Application fee
490 CAD-RPRF (Right to Permanent resident fees)
MarriedPrimary Applicant-550 CAD-Canada PR Visa Application Fee
Primary Applicant-490 CAD-RPRF (Right to Permanent resident fees)
Secondary Applicant-550 CAD-Canada PR Visa Application fee
Secondary Applicant-490 CAD-RPRF (Right to Permanent resident fees)
ChildCanada PR Visa Application Fee-150 CAD
RPRF Fee- Not Applicable for the child

If you feel that you would be eligible to apply for the Canada PR Visa or are wondering if you COULD be eligible, contact the SmartMove2Canada, a Canadian Immigration consultancy dedicated to helping aspiring future Canadian Residents with all their visa processes and formalities so that you can sleep in peace.

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