Canada Provincial Nominee programme for Investors

Investors, Entrepreneurs, businesspersons and companies situated around the world can apply under various investment categories to create their presence and settle in Canada along with their families.

The Canadian government offers various entrepreneurial programs running at this point of time which offers an initial temporary work permit for duration of 2 years and thereafter a Permanent residency and citizenship to those who qualify.

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The respective provinces and territories have designed their own programs as per their individual needs. Hence the provinces independently manage and control their immigrant selection criteria in accordance with their needs and priorities. There are various programs which can suit the need of all type of investors starting from small businessman to the big corporates.

The key criteria for the provinces to assess the eligibility of an applicant are:

  • Business experience & Level of Education
  • English or French language requirement
  • Net worth
  • Personal investment funds and minimum equity
  • Active involvement, business location, job creation, recent Business related visit to Canada
  • Capital investment purpose along with a business plan
  • Job creation
  • Additional requirements if purchase of existing business

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Canada presently offers Immigrant Nominee Program’s – Entrepreneur Stream from the various provinces such as Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. The Entrepreneur pathway is designed to support individuals from countries outside Canada who are looking to implement a new business idea or buy an existing business in the province. This stream offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to be nominated for permanent resident status once their business has been successfully established in the chosen province.

The applicant needs to follows through the following 2 stages:

Stage I

  • Register an expression of interest
  • If invited, submit an online application
  • The applicant is required to attend a mandatory in-person interview.

Once stage 1 application is successful, the applicant is required to sign a performance agreement.

Stage II

  • A temporary work permit letter is used to the applicant.
  • The applicant is required to establish their business in 20 months to implement the business plan and submit a final report
  • Once the applicant is able to meet with all requirements, there may be additional checks required in order to check the eligibility for permanent residence.
  • Apply for PR with the authorities.

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