Are you an entrepreneur from India who would like to come to Canada and launch a startup? The Canadian Entrepreneur program is the best route towards getting a Canada startup visa for Indian entrepreneurs.

The program started on the 1st of April, 2013 and is designed to attract dynamic immigrant entrepreneurs from across the world. The program is not only designed to bring these foreign entrepreneurs to Canada, but to also support them with whatever they need in order to build a business that can compete on a global scale, and provide jobs for Canadians in the bargain.

Candidates that qualify for the program will be launched into the fast track for their entrepreneurial goals. The goal of the Canadian government is to provide clearance to successful applicants for entering Canada within a matter of weeks. When it comes to Canada startup visas for Indian entrepreneurs, the Canadian Entrepreneur Visa overshadows the other migratory routes as it grants the applicant a permanent resident status, which in turn can lead to citizenship.

Indian Entrepreneurs that haven’t been able to get resident status in the US may be particularly interested in the Canada startup visa program.

How does the Canada startup Visa for Indian Entrepreneurs work?

If you meet all the requirements for the Canada Startup Visa program, you can start the application process. Once you hand in your completed application documents, it will be verified as complete and processed. If there is something lacking in your application, it will be sent back to you without processing. Once your application has been accepted for processing, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s office will contact you and update you on the next steps.

In order to assess your eligibility for the Canada startup visa program, and to know everything about the process involved, stay tuned for the next article in this 2 part guide to the Canada Entrepreneur Visa.

For immediate information on the Canada Entrepreneur Visa, feel free to contact any of our associates at The Smartmove2Canada. If you are an entrepreneur who is aware of the program and need assistance in assessing your eligibility and the application process, book an appointment for an initial consultation with our Canadian Immigration experts today!

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