Landing in Canada with a valid visa or Canada PR has a dream come true. It is pertinent to note that when you first land in Canada the first people you would meet at the officials at border control. Once you have crossed that and entered Canada there are few things that you can action

1. Apply for social insurance number

Social Insurance Number (SIN) is very important to obtain as a proof of identity once you are in Canada.

2.Exchange your currency with Canadian currency

check that the foreign exchange card has an adequate balance (and that it works).

3. Apply for a healthcare card

Note that depending on where you stay there could be waiting to obtain one.

4. International mobile SIM

Ensure that your international mobile SIM is active or get a local sim.

5. Accommodation

If you haven’t pre-booked accommodation, find one by settlement counselling centres or seeing on the map.

6. Apply for driving license

Driving is one of the most exhilarating experiences, to drive in Canada with the well-paved roads and excellent connectivity can truly be a joy.

Click here to know the process to get driving license in canada.

7. Set up a bank account

Find the nearest bank. You will need the immigration papers and identification proofs for opening an account.

8. Take advantage of free language training and host programs

Train yourself in English and French whichever works in Canada province you are staying, this will likely help you socialize with people as well.

To know more about Proficiency in English or French Can Open Many Doors for the Immigrants to Canada.

Let 2020 be the year you decide to make your dreams to migrate to Canada a reality. If you are considering applying for Canada PR speak to our experienced Canada PR consultant about the possible options including the express entry program.
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