Professionals in Canada earn an average salary of C$ 55,807 per year, working 40 hours a week. Like any other developed country there are opportunities here qualified and experienced professionals in different fields, at varying positions, pay scales, education etc. in such a scenario it is important to be aware of certain factors when applying for jobs in Canada:

Language skills

If you are looking for some decent job and with good position in the organization then you must possess advanced English language ability, basic knowledge of French can be an added bonus. As English – French bilinguals are in demand.

Licence from Canada

For professionals seeking employment in specific job roles like healthcare, accounting, law, architecture it is mandatory to have a Certificate of Practise recognised by the Canada bodies. So even if you are qualified and have a certificate of practice in your home country, ensure you are aware and have the equivalent certificate for Practise in Canada too.

e.g. If you are having educational qualification as B. Pharm having NOC 3131 but you are taking employment in a different domain then it is not necessary to get Licence from PEBC. Whereas if you are planning to work in Canada as pharmacist then it is mandatory to have licence from PEBC which is Canadian Government Body for Pharmacist.

Canada PR vs Work permit

Employers in Canada prefer to hire employees who have a PR as it reduces the effort on part of the employer to obtain permissions from CIC. In the case of a work permit there are several restrictions starting from the length of permit to the kind of job roles it can be applied for.

Minimum wage rate

Workers in Canada are protected by legislation against exploitation by the employers. The minimum wage provisions made by Canadian legislation ensure appropriate wages are set based on province, type of work and industry.

Job roles in demand

Considering world is getting changed with new needs of life at different front be it health, technology, research etc. occupation in demand always keep on changing.

Appended are the top 10 domains of jobs in demand in Canada

  1. IT & ITES
  2. Accounting & Finance, Fintech
  3. Healthcare, medicine & pharmacy
  4. Early child Education/Teaching
  5. Sales/Marketing/PR
  6. Architecture
  7. Mechanical and Production Engineering
  8. Hospitality related jobs
  9. Construction
  10. Legal & HR

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