Canada Loves Immigrants and Immigrants love Canada

It is common knowledge that Canada has some of the most progressive immigration regulations of the world! Canada is incredibly welcoming to professional migrants across the globe and has consistently remained one of the favourite countries for potential immigrants. This culminates to a bright foreseeable future for Canadian immigration. Especially in light of Brexit (United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union) and Canada’s neighbour, the United States introducing strict anti-immigrant policies and regulations, Canada is likely to attract an unprecedented number of immigration applications going forward.

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Numerous socio economic concerns have helped shape Canada’s liberal immigration policies, top of the list is that Canada needs the human resource ‘labour’. The percentage of Canadian population which contributes to its economy is incredibly low compared to the size of the country’s economy. To sustain the social benefits extended to its residents and health care standards, Canada needs to drastically increase the percentage of population which contributes to their economy i.e. the ‘workforce’. Canada is well aware that the only practical and quick solution for their situation is to invite immigrants to fill the void.

After the re-election of the Liberal party of Canada in October 2019, Mendicino, the new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC), in his first major policy speech (vision speeches are an annual custom of sorts), confirmed that

Canada is aiming to invite over one million immigrants in the next three years (2020-2022).

It is projected that majority of the proposed one million immigrants would be economic migrants. The main economic pathways to Canada immigration remain the federal and provincial economic programmes including:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class*
  • Canadian Experience Class*
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class*
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Programme**
  • Quebec Experience Programme**
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot***
  • Rural and Northern Pilot***

*Programmes managed under the Express Entry system
**Provincial Nominee Programmes
***Newer immigration programmes for Atlantic Provinces

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) cut-off scores determined by the Express Entry draws, maybe lower that the ones seen in 2019 due to the increased immigration targets which would in turn to lead to a higher number of invitations to apply being issued by IRCC.
Apart from economic migrants, Canada is also all set to invite approximately 273,000 spouses/common-law partners, dependent children and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents alike, through the Family Class programs (which are yet to kick off due to Covid-19 related delays).

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2020-2022 seems to be an ideal time to apply under one of the many Canadian immigration programmes. Find out which programme is best suited for your needs by getting your profile evaluated by us!

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