Being Australia and Canada immigration consultants in India, we know how and where things differ when it comes to applying for a visa in either Canada or Australia, Be it an investor visa or an entrepreneur visa. We would like to spread the knowledge to anyone and everyone who is thinking of moving to one of these two great nations. As a stepping stone to all the knowledge required for such a process, we bring you the first stone: the difference between Australia and Canada when it comes to the ease of visa applications and prospects of Permanent Residency.

Ease of application:

Typically, the visa application process for Canada is easier, despite the recent emphasis on having fluency in English or French. While both function on a points-based process and have a preferred skills list, Canada does have far fewer visa sub-classes and less stringent visa application assessments.

Permanent residency:

Gaining permanent residency for Australia or Canada is all based on eligibility and factors that affect the immigrant’s future prospects within the country such as field of expertise, work experience, references and relations in the country.

The first difference is on the assessment of skills in the both the countries.  In Australia, skilled migration must have their qualifications and work experience officially assessed before applying to migrate while in Canada, only qualification are assessed.

  1. Although one can have advantage of an early assessment process in Canada, it is advisory only. In Australia the assessment is applicable in all states and territories whereas in Canada formal acceptance of a qualification in one state does not imply that it would have acceptance in another. It requires multiple acceptances if the migrant intends to move in to different place. This is an added advantage in Australia.
  2. Education is freely available as are all health services. Both countries operate on a very similar free public health system. Anything that is an emergency will be treated immediately and anything that is considered non-essential or elective will go on a waiting list.

It goes without saying that one who gets the access to Australia gets an access to New Zealand as well. Canada is also called as world capital when it comes to immigration with maximum attraction towards Ontario and Quebec and Vancouver. The country has much popularity in India.

  1. There is also a difference when it comes to labor force participation rate. In Australia, a higher migrant participation rate often leads to a higher employment rate where as in Canada the higher migrant participation rate is closely associated with a higher unemployment rate.
  2. When it comes to social security benefits, one has to wait for two years in Australia while one gets immediate access to this facility in Canada.
  3. Australia is considered highly competitive while Canada is believed to be a family oriented and community minded.
  4. Australia and Canada are both very similar in lifestyles and the type of people you will meet. Australia is no more racist than anywhere else in the world. Yes sometimes racist attacks do happen. But because they are so few and far between they often make international news. Please try to remember to not judge many by the BAD behavior of a few. Australia in general is a much laid back welcoming country, as is Canada. Job opportunities in both countries are very similar.
  5. Housing/rentals/food is a little more expensive in Australia than Canada, particularly in the major cities.
  6. Both countries have a lot to offer. One has to consider geographic location and weather in their decision.

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