With the IT boom over the last few decades coinciding with India’s economic boom, there has been a surge of IT professionals in India. However, due to the extremely high population of our nation, there are still unemployed IT professionals despite the boom in our own IT industry.

On the other hand, there are nations such as Canada that are facing an opposite crisis: too many IT jobs with not enough skilled professionals to fill them up.

This leads software engineers in India expanding their horizons in search of a better life to say: why not Canada? Are there software jobs in Canada for Indians?

The IT industry jobs in Canada resembles those of Europe and the United States, although the industry there does not test the frontiers of technological innovation as often as some other countries do.

So how is the software industry in Canada really?

We say it’s doing pretty well.

The NRC-IRAP is a federal program of Canada that covers up to 80% of all finances to do with research and development of technology and software, which is great if you are interested in developing new software.

There are also tax credits for Research and Development expenses. The consensus is that it is 35% for privately held Canadian companies (under specific conditions) and 15% for other companies.

There are also a few important Venture Capital firms that invest heavily in Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) companies. Most of the companies that the venture capitalists invest in are companies that work on mobile/web application development.

In addition, the corporate tax rate in Canada is very low. For small companies, it is around 19% if you are earning a taxable income below 500,000 Canadian Dollars and 27% to 30% otherwise.

So who are we? And how can we help young Indian IT skilled professionals capitalizing on Software Engineering jobs in Canada for Indians?

We are The SmartMove2Canada, an immigration consultancy specializing in Canadian Permanent Resident Visas, whom you can approach from anywhere in India. We have a physical presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chandigarh.

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